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Turn to Jacob when things start to bug you!

Guided breathing with Jacob the Frog is an app for iOS and Android designed to help kids with anxiety focus on their breathing and calm themselves down.

By breathing in time with Jacob the Friendly Frog your child will learn a deep breathing technique designed to help them calm down when they are worried, nervous or anxious.

Every completed breathing exercise rewards the child with a lily pad sticker, with the goal that ultimately they won’t need to turn to Jacob to help when they are worried, nervous or anxious.



About Jaime Parnell

Jaime Parnell is a registered Clinical Psychologist and has maintained an ongoing interest and study in this area.

Jaime’s skills lie in providing a thorough assessment and tailoring interventions to individual needs.

Jaime developed Guided Breathing with Jacob The Frog to complement her psychological assessment programs

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Guided Breathing with Jacob the Frog features:
Cute & friendly animated frog character
Guided breathing to help your anxious child calm down
Lily pad sticker reward for each successfully completed breathing set
Fast loading
Available for iOS and Android Phones & Tablets


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App Privacy Statement

Guided Breathing with Jacob the Frog does not collect or share any data directly from the App. Standard app store statistical data provided by both Apple and Google is provided to us anonymously at the time of purchase.